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10/11/2008 08:17:10 +0700

Please read this available job. Only a seriously people can join with our professional future team.





Through a powerful combination of highly-skilled people, proven processes and industry-leading automation art and technology, RIANDIKA INDONESIA (RI) has established itself as the leading managed strategic branding and aesthetic design -- better equipped than any other branding company in the world to help you achieve operational excellence at every level of business infrastructure, smart strategic branding and material promotions.

RIANDIKA INDONESIA (RI) services set the standard worldwide for how to architect, deploy and manage company promotions successfully. The quality and predictable performance we provide through RIANDIKA INDONESIA (RI) services translate directly into tangible results.

Best Regards,

Agung 'Portal' Nugroho

President Director


House of Riandika

Wisma Melati, Jl. Kaliurang Km.14,4 No.11 - Sleman - DIY - Indonesia | Tel: +62.274.897.683

Fax: +62.274.898.494 | Call Center: +62.8180.300.3939 | E-mail: layanan@riandika-indonesia.com

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